Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Assad's Trying to Look Normal

By Micah Halpern

I've Been Thinking:

Asma, the wife of Syrian President Bashar Assad, appeared on Syrian TV yesterday to announce that she was in Syria - not hiding in Russia or London, her former hometown.

There have been rumors that the First Lady of Syria abandoned the greater family and took her three children, Hafez, Zein and Karim, to a safer place.

"I'm here, my husband and my children are in Syria ... I'm here today and I will be tomorrow," she said, interviewed by Syrian television.

At the same time Assad himself went to a mosque in Damascus to celebrate the holiday known as Eid or Eid al Adha. The Eid is the celebration of the near sacrifice of Ishmael by Abraham. It is the exact story of Isaac with son Ishmael replacing son Isaac. The celebration of the act of sacrifice is one of the holiest days in Islam.

The Assad family is trying to look normal. Bashar and Asma are trying to show that despite the crisis and the bloody civil war they are doing things that every other Muslim does during the Eid. 

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