Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Terror Attack in Munich

By Micah Halpern
I've Been Thinking:
He shouted Alahu Akbar-- Allah is Great in Arabic - as he stabbed four people on a train platform 20 miles east of Munich in Germany.

One of those stabbed died from his wounds. It all took place just before 5 AM as people were commuting to work early on Tuesday morning.

It is hard not to call this Islamic terror. And yet, people are calling the terrorist crazy or psychotic deranged. They say he was talking drivel when apprehended by the police.

People are making excuses for this act of terror.

Europeans are looking for reasons. Was this man brainwashed or encouraged by a radical Islamic group? Was he a member? They will search his computer to see if he was part of the now infamous, loosely linked, cyber community that supports ISIS. A community you do not join or sign up for - all you do is click on and watch, read and write about radical Islam.

It does not matter if the terrorist was officially part of an established organization. The current hi tech world of ISIS stimulates lone wolves and very small units to act on their own.

If he was just a kook, he would not have been shouting Allah is Great as he stabbed people. People who stab other people and shout out Alahu Akbar are Muslim terrorists.

Period, end. 

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