Thursday, February 23, 2017

IDF Says Hezbollah Has Low Morale

By Micah Halpern
I've Been Thinking:

Gadi Eisenkot, the chief of IDF staff and the head of the entire Israeli defense system said that Hezbollah is suffering from a crisis in morale.

Eisenkot made his point while addressing the Knesset committee on Foreign Affairs and Defense. He said that Hezbollah leaders' statements about shooting rockets and hitting the ammonia plant in Haifa as well as the nuclear power plant in Dimona are an exaggeration. He said that hits of that type are way beyond the capabilities of Hezbollah.

The Israeli top general said that the civil war in Syria has enabled Hezbollah. It has given them important operational experience as fighters and as tactical warriors battling ISIS and others in Syria.

Eisenkot said that Hamas in Gaza has been Israel's largest border threat. He said that the IDF has spent $2.4 billion in creating a response against tunnels and other border threats along the Israeli Gaza border. He said that the new leader of Hamas has changed the public attitude - but not tactical decisions on whether or not to attack Israel.

All in all, Eisenkot delivered a positive message. He is optimistic about the state of Israel's safety and optimistic that Israel's enemies are still a safe distance away. 

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