Monday, June 24, 2013

Egypt: Army May Take Over

By Micah Halpern

I've Been Thinking:

The Egyptian army is starting to move towards what may turn into a full blown coup, or at the very least, a show of military strength and power.

The Egyptian chief of staff is also the minister of defense. His name is General Abdel Fattah el Sissi. He was appointed by Morsi.

Because he has remained silent through much of the conflict it was assumed that he, and the military, will back Morsi.

But that seems not to be the case.

Over the past few weeks there has been much publicity about the June 30 anti-Morsi rally and protest. Over 15 million signatures have been collected and the attendees and supporters hope to oust the president. The date June 30 is significant because that is the anniversary of the election that placed Morsi in power.
Sissi has made it clear that many things that Morsi has done have hurt Egypt. He has also made it very clear that the Muslim Brotherhood will not be permitted to attack the protestors.

Minister of Defense Sissi seems to have changed his stance of when on intervene. Until now he had hinted that the military would intervene only in national crisis when the collapse of the state was impending. Now listen to what he just said:

"Those who think that we (the military) are oblivious to the dangers that threaten the Egyptian state are mistaken. We will not remain silent while the country slips into a conflict that will be hard to control."

"It is not honorable that we remain silent in the face of the terrorizing and scaring of our Egyptian compatriots. There is more honor in death than watching a single Egyptian harmed while his army is standing idly by."

Sissi gave the parties a week to work out their differences. After that, the army may be stepping in to protect the protestor and maybe to even oust Morsi.

Stay tuned. June 30 is only a week away. 

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