Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Al Qaeda in Lebanon Attacks Israel

By Micah Halpern
I've Been Thinking:

The rockets shot from Southern Lebanon into Israel were part of a much larger regional conflict.

Read the explanation given by the Azzam Abdullah Brigades, the group proudly claiming responsibility. They are a Sunni, anti-Hezbollah, al Qaeda affiliated group. The group explains that they shot 122 millimeter GRAD rockets into Israel in order to attack "the cities of Nahariya and Akko in occupied Palestine."
They further explain the change from a state of calm to a decision to launch rockets "as part of the resumption of the jihad against the Jews."

They said: "We've frozen the activity for the sake of the blessed Syrian revolution. Numerous developments - mainly the blatant Iranian-Hezbollah intervention in the Syrian revolution - have forced us to freeze our activity against the Jews."

"Iran and Hezbollah have formed a strategic alliance in the region and coordinated their positions with regards to the Syrian revolution. They worked to undermine the blessed revolution."

They go on to say a "green light given by Israel and the Western countries to Hezbollah in the fight against our people in Syria so that Israel could safeguard its security will not provide it with security. Rather, it will bring it closer to the fire of the jihadi fighters and make it much more exposed to them. In addition, it will make Israel a preferred target for the Sunnis."

From the point of view of Sunni al Qaeda terrorists shooting these rockets gave the "Jewish conquerors an indication of the quality of rockets in our possession. Haifa should be decorated with the most magnificent shrouds to greet our rockets."

More importantly, from the Azzam Abdullah Brigades point of view it exposed Hezbollah's "false claims regarding its hatred of Israel and the false threats made by the organization's secretary general (Hassan Nasrallah). The attack challenged (Hezbollah) to open fire on Israel."

These are attacks against Israel but they are also attacks against Hezbollah, Iran and Assad. 

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