Thursday, August 29, 2013

Who Used Gas in Syria?

By Micah Halpern
I've Been Thinking:

Hassan Rouhani, the new president of Iran, unequivocally condemned the use of chemical weapons in Syria.
It appears that between 100 and 650 people were killed by the gas attack. It was an atrocious and vicious indiscriminate murder of innocent civilians.

"The Islamic Republic gives notice to the international community to use all its might to prevent the use of these weapons anywhere in the world, especially in Syria." That, according to the Mehr news agency, is a quote from Rouhani of Iran.

There's more: "We completely and strongly condemn the use of chemical weapons, because the Islamic Republic of Iran is itself a victim of chemical weapons." That quote attributed by Rouhani came from ISNA

"Many of the innocent people of Syria have been injured and martyred by chemical agents and this is unfortunate." Also from ISNA.

Iran, having been the victim of Saddam Hussein's murderous gassing attacks, is very sensitive when it comes to chemical weapons.

Assad has denied using the gas. He has actually argued saying why would he use gas - that he has nothing to gain. The tide of the rebellion had already shifted and he was winning the conflict.

Using gas, his argument goes, would just draw in the United States and the West.
Iran backs Assad. And Assad would do nothing to topple that relationship. Add to that the fact the Iranians are absolutely opposed to gassing Muslims, even enemy Muslims, and a serious question emerges.

The gassing was done, but by whom?

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