Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Chinese Hackers?

By Micah Halpern
I've Been Thinking:
Almost all security today also involves cyber security. Every bank, organization, company - even churches and synagogues, must have good cyber security systems. Otherwise, it is an open market for hackers.

Hackers want to steal. Mostly, they want information. They want information more than they want money. Information is power and if one competitor secretly accesses another competitor's industrial secret, they have accessed a gold mine.

Until now, the assumption had been that the Chinese government was behind some of the biggest industrial hacks. But recently, Symantec - also known as Norton anti-virus - one of the biggest computer security companies published a 28 page report stating that a private hit team out of China was the real culprit behind these corporate hacks.

Symantec called the team Hidden Lynx. The assertion is that 50 to 100 very gifted, variable, multi skilled hackers are employed to attack sites on behalf of their client. They will and can undertake several projects simultaneously.

Not everyone agrees with Symantec. Some have said that the hacking group is government /military in nature. Almost everyone is in agreement that the hacking is out of China because of the codes and the Trojans that are used. However, because of the nature of the targets and the multiple, simultaneous projects which are almost always about gaining information that could help in a buyout takeover or stock maneuver Symantec stands firm in asserting that Hidden Lynx is a gun for hire.

The real lesson in all this --- protect your computer. 

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