Monday, November 4, 2013

What Iran Really Thinks

By Micah Halpern
I've Been Thinking:

The Supreme Leader of Iran - who has neither been seen nor heard from in several weeks - posted a very important declaration on his website yesterday.

The Grand Ayatollah Khamanei gave perspective to the process of negotiations with the West, particularly in light of the second round of talks scheduled for Nov 6-7 later this week.

Of course he called Israel an "illegitimate, bastard" regime. Actually, he referred to Israel as "an illegitimate bastard Zionist regime." He never uses the name Israel.

The Supreme Leader wanted the people of Iran to understand that the negotiations were not about Iran's weakness. "No one should see our negotiating team as compromisers."

He made it clear that he did not approach the talks with rose colored glasses --- "I am not optimistic about the (nuclear) negotiations but, with the grace of God, we will not suffer losses either."

Then he added: "All the better if the negotiations bear fruit but if there are no results, the country should rely on itself."

The Grand Ayatollah also strongly criticized the sanctions that are still in place. He seems to understand the United States very well. His ultimate take on the negotiations went like this: "The Americans smile and express desire for negotiation; on the other hand, they immediately say that all options are on the table." "We should not trust a smiling enemy." 

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