Monday, March 24, 2014

Hamas Sent Text Messages to Israel

By Micah Halpern
I've Been Thinking:

Hamas, or some other terror group from Gaza, has just sent out a mass series of text messages. The messages threaten Israel and promise revenge for the death of Sheik Ahmed Yassin who was killed in a surgical missile strike by Israel in Gaza 10 years ago.

The texts, written in Hebrew, read:

"If Gaza will be attacked the life of the Zionists will be hell"

"In the next war all the Land of Palestine will return"

"Al Qassam has chosen you to be the next Shalit"

"We don't forget the blood of our sheik. We swear again to take revenge, and this time by taking off the head of your leaders"

"Zionist killed our sheik by missile and now our missile can hit every corner of Zionist state"
And they are signed: "Sheikh Yassin's Followers"

The purpose of these messages is to frighten average Israelis who picked up their phones and were invaded with the text messages.

Israel's phone systems were hacked. In 2009 Hamas also succeeded in sending text messages, but the Hebrew was very poor and they were not taken seriously. These are different. This time Israelis who read the texts feel as if their privacy has been invaded. It is as if the terrorists threatened them personally.

The phone companies are trying to make certain that this does not happen again. 

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