Friday, March 21, 2014

Turkey Wants to Close Twitter

By Micah Halpern
I've Been Thinking:

Turkey is on the eve of national municipal elections scheduled for March 30.

Pressure is mounting. These municipal elections are a referendum on Erdogan and his leadership. While he is not running personally in this election, everyone in the country is either voting for or against him by proxy.

Yesterday at an election rally Erdogan threatened to shut down twitter and other social media. The social media chatter has become an effective tool of the opposition especially the youth.

Erdogan said that he will shut them down and he does not care about world condemnation. Of course, Erdogan's statements are electioneering. He is trying to turn his people against the West and Western technology.

No one can predict what will happen. Erdogan can fail or he can succeed. Only time will tell. 

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