Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Fast Changes in Mid East

By Micah Halpern
I've Been Thinking:

Changes are emerging so quickly, it is hard to keep it all straight.

Israeli / Palestinian / US interaction was stalled. In order to jumpstart a discussion so many different proposals have been put forth that it is impossible to figure out which are realistic and what may actually take hold.

There is no way of knowing what is actually being suggested, but leaks and travel schedules can be extremely telling. For instance, when the US secretary of state makes an unscheduled trip to region, then promises to return the next day, then cancels that trip, something is happening.

When the president of the Palestinian Authority promises to not go to the United Nation and ask for full membership in its committees and then he begins the process of filling out the paperwork, something is happening. We know something is happening even when the US secretary of state says it is not so.

When each side has completely different talking points about the status of almost every item they are supposed to be negotiating about, we know there is a problem.

This is a sign of the futility of the venture - at least for the moment.

April 29th is the actual deadline for the negotiations. From the behaviors of the parties, one would think that the deadline was March 29th. 

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