Sunday, April 6, 2014

Iran & Pakistan Enage in War Games

I've Been Thinking:

Non-Western news agencies are filled with the story of Iran and Pakistan and their naval maneuvers in the Straits of Hormuz.

The Chinese press is all over the story.

In the West few people will know what story I am talking about - but they should. So here it is:
On Saturday a flotilla of Pakistani naval ships docked in Bandar Abbas in advance of a four-day joint exercise with Iran. According to the Tehran Times the ships included a missile launching warship, a supply ship and an advanced submarine.

The obvious reason for the drills is to advance military cooperation between the two countries. There will also be meetings between the leaders of both navies.

The untold agenda is far more significant.

Iran and Pakistan are proclaiming to the West that they are hardly pariahs. They are saying that there are real and substantial relationships between them and that they will stand by one another in the case of political or military attack. They are making the point that the "international isolation" of Iran is not working.

They are reprimanding the West. Iran and Pakistan are saying that a byproduct of the serious talks between Iran and the West concerning

Iran's nuclear technology is to make "international inclusion" the more operative status. 

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