Saturday, September 6, 2014

Is Israel Prepared for Hezbollah?

By Micah Halpern
I've Been Thinking:

Some military experts are suggesting that Israel's next conflict will be with Hezbollah. I am not certain that I agree, but agree or disagree, I know that the real issue to consider is whether Israel is properly prepared for a next conflict.

Hezbollah is far better trained than Hamas and has much more experience and many more rockets and guided missiles than Hamas has.

Hezbollah, according to intel sources, has the ability to launch 1000 rockets per day into Israel. Some experts say that Hezbollah has accumulated 100,000 rockets of various styles and ranges.

Assuming that intel is correct, and I assume that it is, it will be extremely difficult for Israel to defend itself against Hezbollah. As of today Israel only has nine Iron Dome batteries. Considering that Israel began Operation Preventive Edge with only seven, nine is a 30% increase and vast improvement - but is it enough?.
In addition, Hezbollah has 5,000 commanders with hard earned operational experience fighting ISIS, al Qaeda and al Nusra in Syria. They fought in Syria as a real army, not as a ragtag group of terrorists or guerrillas.

One cannot discount the possibility that Syria will lend their fighters and weapons to Hezbollah in a conflict against Israel. Assad would simply be retuning the favor because Hezbollah was such a stalwart force fighting to keep him in place.

Again, I do not think that Hezbollah is running to confront Israel. Actually, right now their plate is pretty full with ISIS and with helping Assad. None the less, it is essential for Israel to be prepared the eventuality. 

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