Wednesday, September 10, 2014

PA Admits Donors Afraid of Hamas

By Micah Halpern
I've Been Thinking:

The deputy prime minister of the Palestinian Authority, Mohammed Mustafa, explained that donor countries are reluctant to give aid to any government where Hamas is involved. Mustafa said that the countries see
Hamas as destructive and that any rebuilding undertaken by Hamas would be done in order to launch another attack against Israel.

Mustafa explained that the donors want Abbas and his PA to take control of Gaza.
"Some donor countries are concerned because of the atmosphere on the ground ... because the reconstruction is not possible without enabling the (Palestinian) government to take the lead in all aspect of life in Gaza."

Donor nations do not want to be complicit in sponsoring another Hamas led conflict with Israel in Gaza.

And Egypt announced that they will host a donor conference on October 12 to help raise and allocate money to rehabilitated Gaza. And certainly, one of the chief questions under discussion at the conference will be who directs, supervises and monitors the money and the building that will be funneled into Gaza.

Egypt has a vested interest in knowing that the money does not go to building and repairing new tunnels. Tunnels from Gaza into Egypt have been responsible for hundreds of Egyptian deaths at the hands of Gaza terrorists. Egypt will make certain that the money and the work in Gaza will not be abused. 

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