Sunday, December 15, 2013

Iran is Becoming Obese

By Micah Halpern

I've Been Thinking:

Iran is positioning the entire scenario - the whole thing, the talks, the agreement, the other meetings, everything - as a conflict with the West, especially a conflict with the United States.

Iran may be correct. And they just may win the war of diplomatic public relations.

But on one battlefield, the Iranians are losing and they will continue to lose. That battlefield is the field of modern culture.

Here is the most recent - and a very scary - example: Fully 33% of Iranians are obese. The state is embarking on massive educational campaigns to combat the epidemic. Private groups are initiating campaigns to combat obesity. But none of their efforts are likely to succeed.

The main culprit is fast food. Pizza, hamburgers and french fries are being gobbled up by Iranian youth much faster than are yogurt and fruit. The Iranians are opening their own rip-offs of Western chains. The rip-offs come complete with all the poor nutrients and all the fats of the originals.

Iran realizes there is almost no way to confront this phenomenon.

But they should get points for trying. For example, for several days during the week the city of Isfahan has closed city streets to cars in order in stimulate walking.

It just won't work. The youth of Iran are doomed. And we all know what happens next - acne. 

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