Sunday, December 1, 2013

What Iran Really Thinks

By Micah Halpern
I've Been Thinking:
We often evaluate situations from our point of view, it's only natural. But in the case of the Iranian deal with the P5+1 power nations, it might be worthwhile to try to see things through the perspective of Iran.

Abbas Araqchi is the Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister. On Sunday he was all over the Iranian press - on TV and in FARS, the official Iranian news agency. Araqchi provided a timetable. He said that this week he expects to hear from Helga Schmid, a senior EU diplomat, and that the group will probably convene again the following week in Geneva or Vienna.

Many questions arise, especially when, or even if, the agreement is in play. There is no mechanism at all for the agreement. There is no way for this agreement to be implemented. The Iranians know that, they probably maneuvered in such a way to make that happen.

And now the Iranians are expecting the West to violate the terms of the agreement which will, in turn, free them from the agreement.

Even if I am wrong and that was not the Iranian master plan, Iran does not feel that the agreement released last Saturday night is binding.

Here is what Araqchi said. Determine for yourself what it means:
"The moment we feel that the opposite side is not meeting its obligations or its actions fall short, we will revert to our previous position and cease the process."

"We are in no way optimistic about the other side - we are pessimistic - and we have told them that we cannot trust you."

No need to read between the lines. 

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