Friday, December 27, 2013

New Nazi Salute is the Rage

By Micah Halpern
I've Been Thinking:

I have not been this disturbed by a news item or event in a very long time.

Yesterday I spent several hours researching and investigating a new symbol of blatant and despicable Anti-Semitism. It is called QUENELLE. A quenelle is a French pastry. But this is neither sweet nor tasteful. This quenelle is a reverse Nazi salute.

The rise of the quenelle has been seen primarily in France, its place of origin. So far it has been perpetrated almost exclusively by the French - even when they leave France. It is all over the internet and Facebook.
People take pictures of themselves doing the quenelle in popular and very inappropriate locales - individually and en masse.

It is illegal in France to use Nazi symbols or to inspire anti-Semitism. Changing the Nazi salute and inverting it by placing one hand downward while the other arm crosses the body is a way around the law.

I have added 2 hyper links to a 3 minute Youtube video and a YNET article showing pictures of neo Nazis doing the quenelle salute in front of synagogues, at Holocaust memorials and outside the notorious massive death camp Auschwitz/Birkenau. They are even seen at the Western Wall and posing with smiling Israeli soldiers oblivious to what is really being perpetrated.,7340,L-4464336,00.html

Once you understand what is happening, you will find this fast growing trend as frightening as I do.

The French are taking this seriously. French leadership is talking about ways to control the quenelle movement. In the meantime, the movement grows and spreads its Anti-Semitic message. 

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