Sunday, July 17, 2016

France: 17 Victims Unidentified

By Micah Halpern
I've Been Thinking:

French officials still have not identified 16 of the dead and one of the wounded from the devastating Islamic terror that rocked Nice.

The numbers of dead and wounded are mind blowing. One single person, in a truck, killed 84 men, women and children and wounded 202 more people in a low tech attack using the simplest of weapons. All that was required was a terrorist to drive a truck into a crowd and murder as many holiday revelers as he could until he, himself, was killed.

The number of unidentified victims is a telling statistic.

Most of the 16 unidentified bodies, people with no discernible i.d. on their person, were probably tourists or individuals out on their own to enjoy the evening - and no one has yet to notice that they were in Nice and that they are missing. The unidentified injured victims have wounds that do not allow them to aid in their own identification.

The lives of the 202 injured are forever changed. The lives if families and friends of all the 84 murdered have all been irrevocably altered.

The terrorist successfully struck at the heart of France and the West. For ISIS this is another huge victory. Their web sites claim that this style of attack is an effective tool - a model that should be duplicated throughout the West against the enemies of Islam. 

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