Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Russia Delivers S-300 Parts to Iran

I've Been Thinking:

Iranian news sources have confirmed that Russia is sending them components of the S-300 missile system and that a significant segment arrived yesterday.

The news report said that the S-300s components will be delivered in their entirety by the end of the year.

The S-300 is a surface-to-air system. It is not the best Russia, has but it will definitely improve Iran's ability to respond to incoming missiles and aircraft.
Israel has voiced their disapproval over the deal, but they have not raised a huge stink - probably because the old S-300 has serious weaknesses and can be gamed. In other words, Israel has a defense against it.

The Russians said that they would slow down the delivery - which they have done. But eventually they must live up to their obligations and contracts with Iran. This agreement is over a decade old.

The most troubling part of the arrival of the S-300 components is that this marks another new stage, a period in which Russia and Iran are engaging in important weapons trade.

Russia has a difficult time saying "no" when it comes to the money and influence side of the weapons market.

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