Tuesday, July 5, 2016


By Micah Halpern
I've Been Thinking:

ISIS plans to end Ramadan with a blast.

Over the past few days ISIS has orchestrated terrible attacks in Bangladesh, Iraq and Saudi Arabia. The attacks have all been timed to coincide with the final days of
Ramadan - a three day festival called Eid el Fidr which marks the conclusion of the month long period of introspection.

Yesterday three attacks took place simultaneously in Saudi Arabia. The day before a car bomb blew up in Iraq killing over 200 people. The intentions are obvious, the attacks were devastating.

The targets have been Shiite and Sunni and even Western diplomats.
ISIS has made it clear that they are attacking across the board. No established group is safe. ISIS may be Sunni Muslims, but they are also attacking Sunnis- Sunnis who do not specifically subscribe to ISIS' understanding of Sunni Islam.

In the world ISIS occupies, if you subscribe to a more liberal form of Islam you're a heretic and you can be killed.

Sadly, it does not look as if these attacks will die down after Ramadan. A new momentum has been created and we must watch and determine how powerful this surge of ISIS violence and terror becomes.


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