Sunday, July 21, 2013

The UN Defends Morsi

By Micah Halpern
I've Been Thinking:

The UN pressed the interim leadership of Egypt on the issue of Human Rights.

They wanted to know why Morsi, his colleagues and his allies are being held prisoner and asked if the current interim regime has plans to bring them to trial.

It is a valid question - but totally misplaced. Egypt cannot try Morsi for making colossal decisions. Bad decisions are not illegal. Getting bad advice is not a crime.

But it was cause to oust him.

Once ousted, Morsi must be held along with his cohorts so they do not incite riots or violence that could cause massive numbers of injuries or loss of lives. In addition, his own life is in danger because of the political crisis he precipitated. For the time being Mohammed Morsi is actually safer in protective custody than he would be anywhere else.

There are rumors that Morsi could be tried for escaping from jail during the Mubarak regime. But that, too, is unlikely. It is also unlikely that, at that time, he was arrested and convicted in a manner which would be considered due process today. So trying Morsi for escaping from a jail during the totalitarian regime of Mubarak is hardly a popular cause.

The UN should just watch Morsi, make certain that his accommodations are comfortable. I am told they are - actually much more comfortable than the jail cell Hosni Mubarak now calls home. 

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