Thursday, July 4, 2013

Ousting Morsi - Where Was the US?

By Micah Halpern
I've Been Thinking:

The first elected president of Egypt, Mohamed Morsi, has been deposed. After four days of massive demonstrations the Egyptian army has unseated him.

This is all the result of the Arab Spring. The spring ousted Mubarak and replaced him with Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood. The people reacted in an extreme political way by voting the extreme. It is what I call the rubber band effect.

Now the rubber band has stretched back to its normal size. That meant ousting Morsi and the Brotherhood which was the exaggerated response.

Now one has to ask: Where was the United States in this entire episode?
The answer is: Almost absent.

This was a real democratic uprising. We heard that the US Army Chief of Staff called his Egyptian counterpart. And we heard that the White House asked for responsible behavior. But that is hardly a show of leadership in a crisis. This was a world crisis and a democratic crisis.

Yes, Morsi was democratically elected. But democracy was kicked to the side and he turned into a tyrant. There was no constitutional way of removing him short of suspending the constitution.

This is a statement of empowerment by and for the people of Egypt.
This is a damning critique of American foreign policy. 

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