Friday, July 5, 2013

What's Next in Egypt

By Micah Halpern
I've Been Thinking:

What happens next in Egypt?

A technocratic government has been put in place in Egypt and Morsi has been deposed.

Now there are some very important steps to be taken and other, just as important, steps to be avoided.
The Muslim Brotherhood and the Nouri party cannot be allowed to assume that they can beat back their way into power through violence.

There must not be a civil war. The army will play an essential role in this as will Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United States.

Qatar and Saudi Arabia must continue to give money to the new regime. Qatar came out already and welcomed the change. Saudi Arabia will be next.

The United States must not send out a message that the Muslim Brotherhood was injured by the change in leadership. That would be seen as a blessing that the Brotherhood could take to the streets.

The constitution in Egypt must be changed and stripped of its Morsi additions that place Islamic law above all else.

Infrastructure and bureaucratic institutions must begin to work. Safety and security and justice must become common place. Martial law existed in Egypt from 1981 until 2011. Now there must be a sense of safety and freedom.

The United States must understand that the Army did not take over but rather stepped in to safeguard the institutions of freedom and protect the masses. If things get violent and if there is no immediate control, Egypt will fall into chaos.

Democratic parties must work towards a speedy election and not split the vote.

Non-democratic forces must not be permitted to stand for election. If the vote is split among all the progressive parties then once again the Muslim Brotherhood will win in the next election.

This is just the beginning. This new, new Egypt has a long, long way to go. 

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