Monday, July 29, 2013

What The Muslim Brotherhood Really Thinks

By Micah Halpern
I've Been Thinking:

The West needs to understand exactly what the point of view of the Muslim Brotherhood is. Their rhetoric is extremely hateful and very dangerous.

Mohammed Badie is the supreme leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, he is known as the Supreme Guide. Badie is the 8th person to hold that position and has been the Supreme Guide since 2010.

And I quote: "I swear by God that what al Sisi (the head of the Egyptian army who led the campaign to oust Morsi) did in Egypt is more criminal than if he had carried an ax and demolished the holy Kaaba, stone by stone."

Badie also said: the "Zionist fingers are at play in countries of the Arab Spring, so as to fulfill the vision of the Great Israel."

He said that Sisi and the Egyptian army are: "committing massacres the likes of which we have only seen committed by the bitter Zionist enemies and their treacherous agents."

Badie called Sisi worse than Pharoah, who killed children. He said: Sisi and the army "are worse -- you kill everybody."

Badie has said that the values of the current interim government and of Sisi are inverted. In the world according to Badie the current regime in Egypt twisted the truth in such a manner that communication with
Gaza is considered a crime while communication with the "Zionist enemy" is considered an honor.
It is hard to misunderstand the way in which Badie views the world.

The worst crime anyone can commit, according to Badie, is to be allied with Israel and the West.

That is the face of the Muslim Brotherhood. That is the voice of the Muslim Brotherhood. That is the mindset of the Muslim Brotherhood. 

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