Monday, June 6, 2016

Another Hamas Tunnel Digger Arrested

By Micah Halpern
I've Been Thinking:
The IDF has allowed the publication of a report on the arrest of a 17 year old Palestinian boy from Gaza to go public. He was a tunnel digger, the third Hamas tunnel digger to be arrested by Israel in the past few weeks.

The 17 year old was arrested last month after he infiltrated into Israel. The boy had no weapons - but he was a treasure trove of information about Hamas, especially their tunnels.

The boy told his interrogators about his training and about the purpose and design of the tunnels. He described how the exits are all situated around schools and mosques. This we all knew, it was just confirmation, but much more information was gleaned from the interrogations.

This terrorist had no contact with the other two tunnel diggers who are also in Israeli custody.
There is clearly a large cadre of tunnel diggers and they are spread throughout Gaza.

The big mystery is why these three Gazans crossed the borders. What did they hope to accomplish? In the case of this young boy, he had no weapons and no direction. He was caught upon his exit.

It is entirely possible that these boys are dupes, sent over by Hamas
to test the response time of Israel to a border crossing. You can never tell when dealing with Hamas.

And you can never be too careful. Hamas leaders are very casual about using their people as human guinea pigs. 

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