Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Germany to Lease Israeli Killer Drone

By Micah Halpern
I've Been Thinking:

Israel will lease 5 drones to Germany in a deal worth 600 million Euros.

There are two fascinating components to this deal. The first is that Germany did not lease or buy the US drones, but chose Israel instead. After all, the US Predator and Raptor drones are part of the United StateĆ¢€™s highly developed weapons cache.
Israel has a wide range of drones and they are the leaders in technology in the field. The Germans are leasing the Eitan which is called the Heron TP.

It is huge, weighing over 5 tons. Its wingspan is 86 ft and it is 43 ft long. The Eitan can carry an additional 4000 lbs of equipment. (bombs).

And that leads to the second very interesting dimension to this deal. The
Germans said that the Heron can carry and shoot missiles, rockets and bombs. The Germans used older versions of these drones to attack in Afghanistan.

The Germans were revealing a well hidden secret

Israel has never admitted that they make drones that can be armed with weapons.
The Germans just disclosed that very important piece of information.


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