Sunday, March 5, 2017

Baharin Arrests 25 Terorists

By Micah Halpern
I've Been Thinking:

Bahrain arrested 25 people suspected of terror. The police say that the 25 were part of a 54 person group. The police seized weapons, explosives, cars, a boat and a drone.

The group is charged with going to Iran and Iraq and receiving training from the Iranian Revolutionary Guard.

Iran has been trying to destabilize Bahrain since 2011.

Bahrain is controlled by Sunnis who compose about 15% of the country - but the majority of Bahrainis, about 85% of the country, are Shiites.

There continues to be a low level, constant movement by Shiites to overthrow Sunni leadership in Bahrain and this group is another example of that endeavor. 

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