Wednesday, March 15, 2017

US Extraditing Palestinian Terrorist

By Micah Halpern
I've Been Thinking:
The US Department of Justice has asked for Ahlam al Tamimi to be extradited from Jordan to the United States to stand trial for bombing the Sbarro Pizzeria in Jerusalem on August 9, 2001. Two of the fifteen people murdered in the attack were US citizens.
122 people were wounded in this terror attack.

Al Tamimi was convicted after pleading guilty. She scouted the pizzeria and she drove the suicide bomber there on the day of the attack.

Al Tamimi was released from prison in an exchange for the release of Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit.
Since her release she has been the host of a very popular TV show in Jordan that regularly interviews terrorists. On her shows she often speaks about terrorism and has even admitted to other terrorist activities.

This is the first time the United States has is engaged in prosecuting a terrorist for attacking Americans abroad. 

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