Monday, March 13, 2017

Europe Upset by PA Hate Education

By Micah Halpern
I've Been Thinking:

Europe has a long standing history of siding with the Palestinians against Israel.

It's not that Europeans are anti-Israel, it is just that they believe that there is an injustice at the heart of the conflict.

European leaders as well as the European masses actually embrace Israel and Israelis. In fact, most are repulsed by the anti-Semitism and hateful rhetoric of the Palestinians. That is certainly the case for the leaders of Europe.

It sounds counter intuitive. The European psyche rejects any kind of anti-Jewish behavior and thought - but they side with the Palestinians.

A British weekend paper, the Mail on Sunday, ran an investigative story about Palestinian schools which get European funds and still teach hatred and glorify terror.

The paper brought video and photos and interviews that show Palestinian children playing games with the objective of murdering Israeli soldiers. They highlight the Facebook page of a school which posted videos and pictures of these games.

When interviewed, one teacher acknowledged that he would urge students to become suicide bombers if and when students approached him for advice.

The report in the Mail also pointed out that schools are named after terrorists. Sporting events are named after terrorists. Faculty and administration admit to taking European money and not following the conditions of the international aid.

This is deeply troubling for Europeans - as it should be -- it means that their money is going towards teaching hatred. 

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