Sunday, March 12, 2017

Trump and Abbas

Sunday March 12, 2017

I've Been Thinking:

Mahmoud Abbas and the Palestinian Authority are embarking on a new strategy -they are on the offensive.

The Palestinian Authority is now aggressively pursuing the White House and Jewish communities in the US.

On Friday President Donald Trump spoke to Abbas for the first time since assuming office. 
Trump spoke about his desire to get a resolution between Israel and the Palestinians. Abbas spoke about two states.

Trump also extended an invitation to Abbas to come to the White House.
Also it appears that Trump might be organizing a Peace Conference.

This week Trump's special negotiator, Jason Greenblatt, will arrive in Israel and meet with Israelis and Palestinians.

In addition, Abbas has opened a new aggressive PR front. He is approaching Jewish communities in the US. He is reaching out to Jewish communities about speaking at temples and synagogues.

This will be very important - it may result in a shift in momentum in US Jewish communities vis a vis the Palestinians.
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